Peru Operations

Our Advantages

A Strategic Location

Our farm is located at the north of Peru, this strategic location has several benefits including: 

  • Sub-Tropical irrigated desert.
  • 12 hours of sunlight per day (year-round).
  • Optimum average temperature, with low year-round variability: 20.05°C (Max 26.85°C, min 15.74°C).
  • Almost no rain year round (Year average 1 mm).
  • Abundant natural water supply and high-quality soil.
  • These unmatchable conditions for growing cannabis allow for outdoor grow and the use of open-air greenhouses, and up to 5 harvests per year.

Natural water supply in our farm.

Our Advantages

A Team of Specialists

Kumara Farms agronomic team has extensive experience in genetic development on commercial crops, supported by a strong scientific team from Shared-X, with an accumulated experience of managing farms on over +1,000 hectares of various crops in Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Zambia; under very high quality standards, and who has previously developed new genetic lines for Marigold, as well as registered new varieties in the country (organic bananas).